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Goodbye, Red Rose: Riko Dan, Jeff Rushin, Insolate, Code Error, Nothing Clean…

Welcome back to in love with these times, in spite of these times, the fanzine that prefers the Shirelles to Sheeran, the Ronettes to Ronson and "Skillex" to Skrillex (sorry if we've done that one before, but Kenickie - unlike most of what emerged from 'Britpop' - remain an oft-underrated outfit).
You may wonder why we didn’t post in February given our promise to try and update you on new sounds monthly, but the honest answer is that February proved as barren as our local park. And, as we’re in an N1 state of mind, this month’s pic is the entrance to that park. The estate behind it was designed by Darbourne & Dark, in a ziggurat style that won awards and plaudits before cold reality intervened, but we can’t find trace of the architect or sculptor behind this particular, rather neglected gateway.

Luckily, March brought a springtime rush of excellent music, so let's dive in.

* * * * *

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